Jenny & Jerry

Fertilization report – Day 2

on May 9, 2013

Jerry gave me my first progesterone shot last night.  It hurt him more than it hurt me.  I’ve decided that laying down is going to be the way to go with these shots.  My muscles are more relaxed than if I were standing up and I think this helps with the pain. 

It helps that he can’t see my face but the poor guy was definitely feeling the pressure.  I just kept waiting for him to do it and started to tense up a bit while he was getting his nerves under control.  But he finally just went for it and then felt horrible afterwards, even though I assured him that he did a great job and it really didn’t hurt much at all. 

So the report…

Of the 3 eggs that fertilized, 2 of them have divided.  So we have one 2 celled embryo and one 3 celled embryo.  This is all perfectly normal for this stage in development, according to the embryologist.  There is still a chance for the one that hasn’t divided…perhaps it’s just developing slowly and we’ll know if it’s viable tomorrow at our appt.  Jerry is keeping the faith and calling it The Little Embryo That Could.  We’re staying positive!!

Our appointment is tomorrow at 8:00.  We’ll have a consult with Dr. S to decide how many to transfer and then they will immediately do the procedure.  Jerry is allowed to stay with me the whole time, which I’m extremely grateful for. Then he’s going to take me home and, along with my Mom, wait on me hand and foot all weekend!  Sounds divine…:). 

My favorite part of the whole appointment tomorrow is the 40 oz of water I have to drink an hour before the procedure. I need to have a very full bladder so they can get a clear picture of my uterus when transferring the embryos.  And then I can’t relieve myself for 30 minutes after it’s finished.  Now…I get up twice a night to pee.  I go at least once an hour at work.  I HATE that feeling of having to go.  I would honestly rather get 50 shots tomorrow in my already sore butt cheeks than have to deal with this full bladder thing.  But as Jerry & I have been saying all along…it’s all for the greater good.  I’m sure I’ll survive, but I can’t guarantee I won’t urinate on the table during the procedure.  I’m sure it’s happened before, right?


2 responses to “Fertilization report – Day 2

  1. Lois Soscia says:

    Thanks for posting promptly. I didn’t want to bug you for the news. The Little E that could be the one! You never know and should always root for the underdog!!!

  2. catwoman73 says:

    Still hoping and praying for you Jenny! How appropriate that you will be technically knocked up and waited on all weekend when this weekend is Mother’s Day!!!!! I think it’s a sign. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide about the transfer. I’ll be stalking…

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