Jenny & Jerry

Fertilization report Day 1 and retrieval recovery

on May 8, 2013

I left the phone number for the embryologist at home (Of course I did) so I had to call the office and leave a message for them to call me back.  I hate when I do dumb stuff like that.  I’m organized, for Pete’s sake!!  But this morning was a bit of a whirlwind so I’m cutting myself some slack.

They called me back with the report @ 11:30

Of the 8 eggs retrieved, 4 were mature enough to inject.  Of the 4 they injected, 3 fertilized and are growing.  So right now we have 3 little guys in the lab doing their thing…getting big and strong.  That’s how I’m envisioning it…positive imagery people. Let’s all do it! 

They want to see the embryos divide into 2, 3, or 4 cells overnight (my Dad pointed out the odd numbered cell division as….odd and he’s right…but that’s what the embryologist said and she’s the expert).  And by Friday, they want them to get to 5, 6, 7 or 8 cells.  They will be graded for quality and then we’ll know how many we will be transferring.  Jerry and I have already started discussions on our plan but we’re keeping it to ourselves for now (Mwahahahahaaaaaaa!).  So please keep those prayers and good vibes coming…

As far as the recovery is going, let me first start by saying that if you are a gentleman or you just don’t want to hear about female body stuff…you are excused.  A lot of this might be TMI.  I will leave you with a picture of my nephew…who could just be saying “girl stuff is yucky”.

Picture 011

But for anyone who might be going through this at some point, here are my observations:

1.  The bloat – I know, I’m a broken record.  But I’ve never experienced anything like this.  Imagine eating a Pizza Hut supreme pan pizza (mmmm, pizza) chased down with a pitcher of beer…all in about 15 minutes.  Think of how you’d feel.  Full and disgusting and GROSS!  Except you’re starving.  That’s me.  I’m wearing my loosest pair of pants today and I may have to wear the same ones tomorrow.  Then it’s stretchy pants all weekend!

2.  Breast tenderness – in all of my research on symptoms following retrieval, this was never mentioned.  I think it probably has more to do with all of the hormones but yowza..  The girls are super sore and HUGE.  And they seem to be growing out from under my armpits (???), not from the center of my chest so it doesn’t even look good!  I feel like my body is being hijacked by aliens right now. 

3.  Constipation – this is a pretty common complaint.  So much so that it’s mentioned twice in my information packet from the office.  Combine the fact that nothing has happened in my digestive tract in 3 days along with the aforementioned bloat….I’m pretty darned miserable at this point.  And yes, Mother, I tried the warm prune juice.  Nada.  This will hopefully correct itself once the anesthesia is out of my system.  Hopefully.

4  Bruised ovaries – I still don’t have any pain, but everything just feels bruised around my lady organs. Kind of achy, almost. Considering the manipulation of yesterday, it’s understandable.

5.  Bruised injection site – the PIO shot didn’t hurt but the resulting bruise at the site sure does!  I feel like I was karate kicked in my behind.  I guess I’ll just need to get used to this. 

6.  Exhaustion – This probably has more to do with Sherman than the procedure.  He opened up his cyst again and we had to put the cone back on him.  This makes him hot, which makes him thirsty, which makes him have to pee (twice) in the middle of the night.  My Mom has graciously offered to take him for the weekend (you do remember saying that, right???) so Jerry and I can get some rest this weekend.

So that’s not all that icky.  I haven’t had some of the symptoms other girls have complained of (spotting, discharge, ovarian hyper stimulation, etc) so I consider myself very lucky! 

Keep those prayers coming!  We will need every single one of them. 


3 responses to “Fertilization report Day 1 and retrieval recovery

  1. torthuil says:

    Growing little embryos. The ICSI process blows my mind….it’s so amazing we can do this. I hope it keeps getting more and more amazing for you! and feel better soon…

  2. catwoman73 says:

    Congrats Jenny! So exciting! I’ll be praying like mad for your little embryos to keep growing and dividing. Oh- and it totally sounds like those post-retrieval symptoms are preparing you for pregnancy- hopefully they continue for a noter 9 months!!! 🙂

  3. Mrs B says:

    Congrats! Love the description of the bloat too!

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