Jenny & Jerry

Egg Retrieval Day!

on May 7, 2013

In true Jenny & Jerry fashion, we showed up at 5;45 am (if you’re not 10 minutes early, you’re 5 minutes late!).  But we signed in first and that means we were #1 in line!!

It didn’t take long for them to call our names. Jerry went to his little room and I went to the recovery suite where they put me in a pretty gown, hat and booties.  Looking good at 6 am!


The nursing staff at Magee is so fantastic.  I just can’t say enough great things about them.  My nurse anesthetist was a very kind woman named Sylvia and she handled my tender veins with kid gloves.  She used a pediatric needle and I barely felt it.  Jerry joined me just in time for a different nurse to arrive and go over all of the discharge paperwork. 

In addition to all of the restrictions that go along with anesthesia, I’m basically just supposed to take it easy for the next few days.  I also received my new drug protocol:

      DHEA Progesterone Doxycycline Medrol Baby Aspirin
      25 mg At Retrieval  At Retrieval At Retrieval At Retrieval
            AM 81 mg
7-May Tues   3x per day 25 mg AM AM PM

I asked Jerry to take notes and update my spreadsheet (of course I did!) so we wouldn’t forget anything.  It was around this time Dr. W popped his head in to introduce himself and say hello to Jerry.  The doctors performing the surgery rotate each day and Dr. S was out of town.  I was happy that Jerry knew Dr. W and said I was in excellent hands.  And before you know it…the nurse came by and whisked me away to the procedure room!

I was able to walk to the room and the nurse help me get situated on the table.  They strap your arms out to the side (like Jesus) and put your legs (yes, legs…not feet) in the stirrups.  I must admit, I was feeling pretty vulnerable at that point!  I didn’t have much time to dwell on the awkwardness of it all…Dr. W came into the room and said “Here we go Steelers” (very random, but it made me feel more comfortable).  And then I woke up in the recovery room.  Easy peasy.  Anesthesia is so strange!

I guess the nurse talked to Jerry while I was out cold.  So when I finally got my wits about me, he told me they retrieved 8 eggs (oocytes).  Not too shabby for a 40 year old chica with a lazy ovary!  For those of you not familiar with what comes next…you can get more information on the process here.  We are scheduled for a 3 day transfer which will by on Friday. My instructions are to call the lab tomorrow between 10-12 for the fertilization results. 

Now for the dreaded Progesterone in Oil shot!!  Just to recap…these are the shots with the ONE AND A HALF INCH needle that have to be injected into my butt muscle for the next (hopefully) 12 weeks.  The office told me to bring my needle, syringe and vial to the appointment so the nurse  could show Jerry how to measure the dose and do the injections.  I couldn’t really see what they were doing, as they were mixing things up behind me.  All I had to do was roll onto my side and act as the dart board.  She talked him through it…“don’t go slow…just shoot it like a dart and push the plunger as quickly as possible”.  Done and done.  Little sting…over in no time.  Check back with me in a couple of weeks but it was really no big deal!

I have heard all kind of mixed opinions of the egg retrieval process.  I should start off my saying…I feel like I have a pretty low pain tolerance (aka…I’m a huge baby).  But I can said the most pain I had was the IV.  I had a teeny bit of cramping in recovery but seriously, it was teeny and very short lived.  The bloating is no joke though.  I tend to get bloated as it is…but this is ridiculous.  I’m sitting here, 6 hours later and I’m wondering how I can get away with wearing yoga pants to work tomorrow.  This supposedly subsides after a few days so here’s hoping!

Thank you to everyone for all of the comments, texts and emails.  I swear…if prayers and good thoughts can will us a baby…I’m gonna be Octomom!  Our family and friends have been such an invaluable source of comfort throughout this process.  Jerry and I are very blessed.


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