Jenny & Jerry

Stim Cycle – Day 8

on May 3, 2013

Day 8??? How did we get here already? 

I have decided I’m officially sick of needles.  I’m running out of places to stick myself for these subcutaneous shots.  My poor stomach…between the bruising and the bloat (major bloat going on!), it’s not pretty.  Not that my abs have ever been my best feature.  But they’re a hot mess right now.  I’ve moved on to my thigh but it’s proving more difficult to grab onto skin than I thought.  Last nights injections were really rough.

I had blood work this morning and my arms have decided they’re sick of being pricked too.  I have pretty small veins and apparently, there is only one “good one” in each arm.  So even though I alternate arms, they are drawing from the same spot and this morning was really painful.  Whaaaaaa!  Not much more of this…fingers crossed.

Today’s results:

E2 P4 LH Follicles Follicles Follicles
Right Left Total
Required > 1000 < 2.0 < 5.0 5
Friday 4/26 72 0.8 5 8 1 9
Monday 4/29 189 0.1 2.1 6-7 2 9
Wednesday 5/1 436 2.1
Thursday 5/2 614 0.3 9 2 11
Friday 5/3 834 0.3

The Estrogen did it’s doubling and the progesterone is where it should be.  They increased the Follistim and told me to come back tomorrow @ 7:45 for more blood work and an ultrasound.

New Protocol:

    Stim DHEA Follistim Menopur Dexamethasone Ganirelix
Day 25 mg IU IU Tablet Injection
3-May Fri 8 3x per day 450 300 1 mg morning

Slight problem…according to the new protocol, I’m going to run out of the Follistim.  I spoke with the lead nurse who suggested we just wait until the blood work comes back tomorrow.  She indicated that I was on the surgical schedule for tentative retrieval on Tuesday (EEEEEKK!).  But that it’s very possible Dr. S could look at my numbers tomorrow, have me trigger Sat night and come in on Monday.  So I’m to sit tight and wait till tomorrow afternoon.  Done and done. 



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