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Stim Cycle – Days 5 & 6

on May 1, 2013

Protocol for days 5 & 6

375 iu Follistim
300 iu Menopur
1 mg Dexamethasone

Day 5 – Today was uneventful.  I didn’t have a monitoring appointment in the morning so I got to sleep in a little (5:30 is sleeping in for me…yipee!).

I had a bit of trouble with the Follistim dosage.  During our injection orientation, I remember the nurse saying there would always be additional medicine in the cartridge to allow for human error. The cartridges I have are 900 iu and I had two 300 iu injections and one 375 iu injection from that one cartridges.  It looked like there was still some medicine in the vial so I thought it would stop when it ran out.  So while the needle was in, I was trying to get the rest of the medicine out and the plunger just depressed the entire way.  The stupid thing was already empty.  So I jabbed myself for nothing which is really annoying.  After reloading the pen, I dialed up the correct dose but ended up pinching my skin higher on my stomach than usual.  The liquid really burned going in and it was the first time these shots brought tears to my eyes.  Lesson learned…aim for closer to hipbones.  You can barely feel it.  Problem is…that skin is all bruised and sore so now I’m moving on to my thighs.

Honestly, these injections have really been no big deal.  It’s scary looking at the needle but they really don’t hurt that much.

Day 6 – I had a 6:30 appt for a blood draw only.  They wanted to check my E2 & LH levels (If you’re at all interested in understanding these tests, I think this article outlines them very well).

The results were good:

E2 P4 LH Follicles Follicles Follicles Endometrial 
Right Left Total Lining
Required > 1000 < 2.0 < 5.0 5
Friday 4/26 72 0.8 5 8 1 9
Monday 4/29 189 0.1 2.1 6-7 2 9 4
Wednesday 5/1 436 2.1

They want to see doubling of the E2 level every 48 hours, as that is a sign of
continued follicle development.  So we’re good there.  A surge in LH would indicate the start of ovulation, which we don’t want, so it’s good that number stayed the same.

I finally remembered to ask the nurse my questions:

*Exercise – 2-3 miles of walking is fine.  Just try not to get overheated.  9 mile hike is officially off.
*Drinking one 8oz cup of coffee is fine.  Try not to go over that.  I haven’t had any so will probably just continue to drink decaf (yuck!).  I’m basically just acting like I’m already pregnant right now…no caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, high mercury fish or hair dye.  Good thing I did my roots a week ago 🙂
*Estimated day of retrieval – average is cycle day 10-12.  We will know 2 days before the actual date, which is important to planning for work and um, other stuff.

My instructions were to continue with the current dosage.

Soooooooo…I go back tomorrow for another blood test and ultrasound.  Things are moving right along….Eeeek!


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