Jenny & Jerry

Stim Cycle – Day 1

on April 27, 2013


The nurse I spoke with said it should really take it easy on the exercise.  Walking is fine, light weights (3-5 lbs) are fine, gentle yoga is fine….but no hip hop, zumba, kickboxing or bodypump.  I’m taking it as a good sign that the weather was perfect on Friday.  Jerry & I took advantage of the evening by taking a walk on Carson Street and stopping at dinner at the Doublewide Grill on the way home. It was a very relaxing Friday night…just what I needed. 

When we got home from dinner, we watched the Instructional CD which Walgreens had provided with our drugs.  It took us 45 minutes of going through the details of how to mix the Menopur & dose the Follistim but then we were ready to go. 

I did the actual preparation while Jerry re-read the steps back to me and supervised.  It probably should have been the other way around, as he’s practically a doctor, but I just jumped in and started tearing open stuff. He yelled at me a couple of times for not being as careful as I should be with sterilizing everything as i went. Then I yelled at him to stop yelling at me. He & I tend to get worked up pretty easily during stressful situations so this is going to be a nightly occurrence. We make up quickly so it’s all good.

Picture 005

So the deal with the Menopur is…you get these little 75 IU vials of powder and you have to mix them with a diluting solution. My dosage is 300 IUs so I was convinced I had to have 4 shots.  Panic!  But you actually just work through the solution until you have the full dosage in one syringe.  Just one shot…whew!

I got everything all mixed up and ready to shoot.  The injection is subcutaneous (under the skin) and the needle is really thin and about a half inch long.  It reminded me of a short acupuncture needle.  So I pinched up some skin on my stomach and gave the syringe to Jerry.  He looked at it, looked at me…“Maybe you should do it”.  I KNEW that was going to happen!  I really didn’t mind too much b/c I had to give myself injections when I had that stupid blood clot.  The needle is no big deal…the medicine just burns a little when you inject it. 

One down…one to go! 

Picture 007 

The Follistim is a lot easier to work with.  You get a pen and a cartridge.  You just drop the cartridge into the pen and dial up your dosage.  Then pop on the needle and you’re good to go!  The second shot was easier to inject as I stood up this time and watched in a mirror.  I knew exactly where I was shooting them.

 Picture 006

And you get this fancy little carrying case to take with you if you’re gonna be out during the injection time.  Ours is 6-9.  But I don’t know what I’d do about the Menopur, so I’m just going to make sure I’m home during that time. 

So first day…not bad. I think it’ll be easier once I have the process down. We’re just basically learning as we go!


4 responses to “Stim Cycle – Day 1

  1. catwoman73 says:

    So far, so good Jenny! Looking forward to reading more. Cute puppy in the background of your last pic, btw. 🙂

  2. torthuil says:

    Good luck with the cycle Jenny! Thanks for the detailed informative posts….very interesting to read those of us who are “looking forward” to that. Fingers crossed for a productive cycle!

    • We can use all the luck we can get, Thanks! I remember when we first decided to do IVF, I tried to find a daily journal so I would know what to expect. I couldn’t find much. So I hope this is somewhat helpful for someone down the road. Plus it’s a way to keep our family & friends in the loop so I don’t have to keep calling and annoying them with daily reports 😛

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