Jenny & Jerry

Aaannnnd…we’re off!

on April 26, 2013

I’ve been trying very hard to put this whole IVF extravaganza out of my mind for the last month.  We had 28 days to try to do things the old fashioned way…and while we gave it the old college try, no dice.  I knew we’d find out if we were successful sometime late this week & sure enough…she showed up first thing on Wednesday.  At least she’s punctual.

So that means, Wednesday afternoon, I called and ordered my big box of goodies (to the tune of $6,000!! That’s 2.5 times more than I had anticipated).  I also called my RE and scheduled my baseline blood work and ultrasound for Friday @ 7 am.

Then I came home to THIS on Thursday:

Picture 002

Seriously, all of that??  For meeeeee??  That’s a crapton of pharmaceuticals!  Good grief.  Once I laid all of the medicine out, I grabbed a pack of needles to check out what I was in for.

Picture 001

Not sure if the picture does it justice…but that is one BIG ASS NEEDLE!  The needley part is an inch and a half…and I got 2 GIANT bags of them.  These are for the Progesterone in oil (the other needles are much smaller).  And Jerry has to jam that thing into my butt everyday for how long?  Hopefully 12 weeks.  Now let me be clear, I will happily play the part of Jenny PinCushion for 12 months if that’s what it takes.  But I’ll be honest, it shook me up a bit.  And let’s not even talk about my husband…”we might have to hire a nurse to come over everyday and do these injections”.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to teach myself how to do it.  Whatever…it is what it is.  We can’t return the stuff so there is no turning back now.

So for those of you following along at home, the box contained:

Follistim & Menopur – “the stimulation medication”
These medications work to directly stimulate the ovaries to produce follicles.  Normally you only use one stim med, but I’m super lucky and get to use 2.  I get these injections for 8 to 15 days.

Ganirelix – “the holiding drug”
This prevents ovulation while continuing to stimulate my ovaries with the stim meds. This typically begins on day 5 of the stimulation cycle and is dependent upon my response to the stim meds.

Ovidrel – HCG or“Trigger Shot”
This will induce ovulation.  Once I’m cleared for retrieval, I get this shot and within 36 hours, they’ll take out my eggs.

Progesterone in Oil – “the one with the big ass needle”
This is used with the treatment cycle to support the endometrial lining.  I don’t start these shots until after the egg retrieval.

Dexamethasone & Medrol  – “steroids”
These may prevent the body from rejecting the transferred embryos.

Good times.

Bright and early on Friday, I had my blood draw and ultrasound. I zipped through my appointment in about 25 minutes, including wait time, and I always appreciate an efficient doctor’s office.

Here’s a key code for reference:

E2 (Estrogen) level – Estrogen stimulates the lining of the uterus, so that it grows and can sustain pregnancy.  It is also a measure of ovarian activity, as follicles produce estrogen.  The more follicles there are, the more estrogoen will be present.

P4 (progesterone) level – Hormone responsible for thickening the lining of the uterus to prepare it to accept implantation of a fertilized egg.

LH (lutenizing hormone) – necessary for the production of estrogen

Follicles – Fluid filled sacs in the ovary, which contain the eggs released at ovulation.

E2 P4 LH Follicles Follicles Follicles
Right Left Total
Required for retrieval > 1000 < 2.0 < 5.0 5
Friday 4/26 72 0.8 5 8 1 9

Damn lazy left ovary! I’m officially Miranda Hobbs! And her story ended well 🙂

And here is our schedule for the first 3 days:

    Stim DHEA Follistim Menopur Dexamethasone
    Day 25 mg      
26-Apr Fri 1 3x per day 300 IU 300 IU 1 mg
27-Apr Sat 2 3x per day 300 IU 300 IU 1 mg
28-Apr Sun 3 3x per day 300 IU 300 IU 1 mg

So Jerry & I are going to spend our weekend shooting up!  Let’s get this party started.


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