Jenny & Jerry

The plan

on February 27, 2013

Well after 5 days, I finally heard back from the IVF-C.  I was not a happy camper and may or may not have called her a few ugly names behind her back…I’m not a big fan of waiting around.  My patience is pretty much non-existent.  But she had some family stuff going on & I know how that goes so I forgave her.  Plus, she’s super nice.

Anyway, I thought we were way ahead of the game but no…I still need my History & Physical, Cervical Cultures and mammogram; plus bloodwork for HIV, HTLV RPR,  Hep B&C, cyctic fibrosis.  Jerry is getting all of his bloodwork and stuff done today so she set me up to have everything done in one fail swoop on 3/11.

Blood work @ 10:30
H&P & cultures @ 11
Physician’s consult @ 11:30
Lunch with my Mom @ 12:30 J
(mammogram is scheduled for 3/6)

Bam!  Then we’ll order the meds, schedule our nurse talk ( up!) and we’ll be on our way.  Oh, and get this…Jerry found out that his insurance covers IVF treatments up to $10,000!!  That would be awesome if I were on his insurance.  But I’m not.  Whomp, whomp…

So we decided that we’re going to buy the 1+1 ARC package (one fresh & one frozen transfer) for around $10,000.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll buy another 1+1 package.  The 2+2 package is @ $17,500…and as we don’t get anything back if it works the first time, Jerry prefers to take a $2,500 bet over a $7,500 one.  And if that doesn’t work, we’ll wait to do the final cycle at the beginning of 2014 after I’m on his insurance (both of our plan years end 12/31).  I love having a plan!


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