Jenny & Jerry

Money, honey

on February 5, 2013

Let’s talk about money.  IVF is EXPENSIVE!  To the tune of $10,000 per cycle + the cost of meds.  Jerry and I have both maxed out our Health Spending Accounts for 2013.  That’s $2,500 each.

We are pursuing ARC (Advance Reproductive Care) to offset the cost of treatment.  ARC makes the IVF process kind of like buying a car.  There are different “packages” you can purchase and you can finance all or part of the treatment.

Option A              One cycle            1+1         1 fresh and 1 frozen embryo transfer     $9,000+

Option B              Two cycles          2+2         2 fresh and 2 frozen embryo transfers   $17,000+

Option C              Three cycles       3 +3        3 fresh and 3 frozen embryo transfers   $22,000+

Obviously it makes more sense to pick Option C.  That gives you the best shot at having a baby in the most cost effective way.

But here are some fun things to consider:

  1.  If you get pregnant on the first attempt, oh well…they keep the balance
  2. Who knows if there will be any viable embryos to freeze?  We may only get one perfect little bugger to transfer, so that would eliminate the benefit of getting the additional frozen embryo transfers
  3. ICSI costs an additional $1,500 per cycle…YAY!
  4. There is an additional $2,000 – 4,000 in pharmacy costs (aka drugs, shots, hormones, etc) per cycle.

So we have a lot to think about in terms of which option we want to pursue.  I can’t help but be a little angry that most people don’t have to spend 1/2 of their kid’s college fund on just having the kid.  But it’s the hand I was dealt so suck it up and stop being bitter, right?  Riiiiiggghhht.


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