Jenny & Jerry

Bit of History

on February 2, 2013

I was 38 when I married Jerry in 2011.  He was 36.  First marriage for both of us…I guess we took our sweet time to find our perfect someone.

We knew we wanted to have kids and started trying on our honeymoon.  Perfect timing, right?  According to my ultra scientific iphone app, I was supposed to be ovulating during that week and I honestly thought I’d come home from Aruba and we’d be having a baby.

Well it didn’t work out that way but within 6 months, I found out I was pregnant.  We had just made an appointment with my OB/GYN to start fertility testing and were thrilled that we wouldn’t need it.  I miscarried around 7 weeks.  Put it up there as one of the suckiest things I’ve had to deal with in my 38 years.  I’m not going to dwell on that now but suffice it to say, I should have put myself in therapy stat…it was a really dark few (many) months.

After my D&C, we were cleared to start trying again in June.  Flash forward to November, 2012.  Still not pregnant, getting more and more frustrated that we weren’t doing anything about it (other than using an OPK and trying to time sex appropriately…very romantic).  I was very concerned about my Advance Maternal Age (aka old ass eggs) and felt like time was ticking away.  My OB/GYN (Dr. L) suggested we start with a few cycles on Clomid for me and some testing for Jerry.

We found out that Jerry has a low sperm count, including poor motility and morphology.  So Dr. L suggested we contact a reproductive endocrinologist.  I went off Clomid and we scheduled an appointment with the best of the best in our city.

Enter Dr. S.  We met with him on 12/07/2012 and went through an extensive consultation.  I left feeling very hopeful that we were formulating a plan and getting things moving in the right direction.  I was given scripts for a billion blood tests and a whole host of other tests for my lady parts.

Everything checked out fine for me.  My tubes aren’t blocked. My uterus is “perfect”.  My ovaries are working, albeit one side is over producing and one side is under producing…I say it all evens out.  There is a whole lot of technical stuff that we discussed and I wish I would have taken my magic pen with me so I could have recorded the information.  But I didn’t.

The recommended course of action for us is IVF with ICSI.  Basically, with Jerry’s low sperm count, it makes more sense to pull out my eggs and inject them with one perfect sperm that will hopefully do the trick.  That is where we are now.  We have an orientation to learn about the process on 2/20.

Let the games begin…


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